Polestar – “Red Dot: Brand of the Year”

The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. Since 1955, the sought-after Red Dot distinction has been the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. Stockholm Design Lab’s collaborative work with Polestar was honored with no less than three awards in this year’s Brand and Communication Design competition.

– Brand of the Year

– Best of the Best for the Polestar Brand Identity

– Red Dot for the Polestar 2 design book

The distinction “Red Dot: Brand of the Year” is awarded for exceptionally well designed brand communication. It goes to the best brand in an industry which succeeds in portraying a consistent brand image across various channels in its communication. This year the experts bestowed the highest distinction “Red Dot: Brand of the Year” on just one entry: Swedish car manufacturer “Polestar” won over the jury with the design quality of its brand presence. Prof. Michel de Boer, Red Dot juror and Creative Director at De Boer & Wang Studio, explained the experts’ decision as follows: “Introducing a new brand in the already saturated automotive market is no mean feat. Polestar was able to convince us that the brand did not emerge overnight. The brand presence is cool, electrifying and designed with long-lasting style. That’s very fitting for a subsidiary of Volvo as a brand rooted in northern Europe. Polestar is simple yet rich in subtle details. The clear brand message and the purity of the design is what ultimately prompted us as the jury to name it Red Dot: Brand of the Year.”

The Polestar Brand Identity was awarded “Red Dot: Best of the Best”. Only entries that win over the jury with their very high design quality and creative performance receive this distinction. 

In addition to the main prizes, the Polestar 2 design book received a “Red Dot” for creativity and good craftsmanship.

Results of the competition:

– Entries: 6,992

– Countries taking part: 50

– Red Dot: 854

– Red Dot: Best of the Best: 55

– Red Dot: Brand of the Year: 1 (Polestar)

– Red Dot: Grand Prix: 7

– Red Dot: Junior Prize: 1

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